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Statutory Compliance


Statutory Compliance

At IP Consulting, our clients are our priority and delivering them efficient services is our main goal. We offer a range of statutory and compliance services to keep your business abreast of current legal law changes and ensure complete compliance with existing statutory laws and norms. Our statutory and compliance services include:

Monthly Statutory Deductions & Deposits With Govt

  • Calculation & deductions of monthly Income Tax TDS (withholding taxes) and other statutory deductions like Provident Fund, Profession Tax, GST Tax, etc as per the relevant laws.
  • Filing of monthly / quarterly / annual returns of Provident Fund, Profession Tax, GST Tax, Income Tax, with respective Government Agencies.

Complete Statutory Compliances With Following Regulatory Authorities

  • Income Tax
  • Profession Tax
  • Employees Provident Fund
  • GST
  • Employees State Insurance (ESI)
  • Karnataka Shops & Establishment
  • Corporate Advance Tax